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Finding student housing in Paris and Laval

Preparing for the school year means organization and anticipation. There are lots of solutions to help students find housing in Paris, Ivry-sur-Seine and Laval, but don’t wait until the last minute! 

Thanks to its partnerships, ESIEA gives its students access to accommodation offers as well as a list of specialized organizations providing housing near its campus and close to public transportation.

Housing in Paris and Ivry-sur-Seine

Two student residences are located next to our engineering school in Ivry-sur-Seine. Places are limited but there are many other options nearby or on metro line 7.

Student Housing


The Studéa student residence, opened in 2012, is located next to our Ivry-sur-Seine campus.

This student residence, shared by several private owners, prioritizes ESIEA students as tenants of its 98 accommodations, which begin at 18m² and have a separated kitchen.

Les Estudines

Located at 38 avenue Maurice Thorez, the latest student residence that recently opened in Ivry-sur-Seine is just a 5-minute walk from the school and a 2-minute walk from the Pierre et Marie Curie metro station (line 7). 

The Estudines Paris-Porte d’Ivry residence offers 115 fully furnished studios at an all-inclusive monthly rental of 650€. 


Student Rental Companies

There are many organizations dedicated to the student population of Paris and its surrounding area. This type of accommodation is often a compromise between renting a studio and living with a roommate. 

Housing in Laval

The ESIEA campus in Laval is in the heart of the city’s Parc Universitaire et Technologique, an area dedicated to research and higher learning. Despite the booming student population, finding housing in the area is fast and easy.   

Student Residences

Résidence CROUS

150 accommodations are spread across 3 buildings: 135 studios measuring 19m², and 14 studios with a separate kitchen measuring 31m², all eligible for personalized housing assistance (APL). 

All these accommodations are equipped with a bed, table, chair, furniture for storage and a refrigerator. The larger rooms come with an individual shower and a kitchenette. Electricity is not included.

Les Estudialis I & II

These accommodations are in the Parc Universitaire, a stone’s throw from ESIEA. Built in 2005 and 2009, these residences include 89 and 54 furnished accommodations respectively, shared across 10 independent buildings with 70 parking spaces. 

Less than 5 minutes on foot from ESIEA and the Student Restaurant: you won’t waste time commuting on public transportation.    

Habitat Jeunes Laval 

These 3 residences include accommodation eligible for personalized housing assistance (APL) for students and adults under 30 years old, from single rooms at 334€ per month to studios at 444€. A restaurant dedicated to low-income households with special discounted prices is open 7 days a week for all mealtimes (1.20€ for breakfast and 3.90€ for a meal).   

Résidence Marcel Pagnol

At the start of the 2021 school year, the Agence Marimo housing agency will open 58 furnished studios in its new Marcel Pagnol residence located on rue Herbert, near the university center.

Hébergement les 2 rives     

These subsidized residences offer temporary furnished accommodation with just one bill covering rent, utilities and services, housing assistance and an easily terminated rental contract.   

Résidence Lucie et Raymond Aubrac

80 individual studios measuring 21 m². Furnished and fully equipped accommodations: kitchenette (2 hot plates + refrigerator) bathroom (toilet, shower, sink) and living area (bed, workspace, closets, chair, armchair, bedside table). 

Internet access, handicap accessible, bed linen, laundry, bicycle storage, parking, activity room with computers. 

Foyer du Gué d’Orger

12 individual studios measuring 26 m² furnished and equipped with kitchenette (2 hot plates + refrigerator), bathroom (toilet, shower, sink) and living area (bed, workspace, closets, chair, armchair, bedside table).

Internet access, handicap accessible, bed linen, laundry, bicycle storage, parking, activity room with computers. 

Housing Assistance

APL (Allocation Personnalisée au Logement)

This personalized housing assistance is only available for apartments approved by the government. Rent is calculated according to the student’s ALS (Allocation au Logement à Caractère Social), their social housing allowance. 


Mobili jeune

Young students with an apprenticeship or vocational contract are eligible to receive anywhere from 10 to 100 euros per month for rent or fees (with APL deducted). This allowance can last for a maximum of 36 months for any kind of housing.  


Pass Logement

The Pays de la Loire region offers support as part of its “Pass logement” or “housing pass” initiative. Applications can be submitted to the Association Départementale pour le Logement des Jeunes (ADLJ), the département youth housing association.   

Visale : Rental deposit

The CROUS student rental deposit is now the Clé de Visale program. Please note that Visale is not a home insurance program, which are mandatory for any rental applications and can have varying prices based on your accommodation’s criteria. The basic concept of Visale remains the same: a free security deposit for students and young professionals under 30 years old. 

When compiling your rental application, you generally have to include a guarantor — usually a person you are close with — to complete the file. For those without a guarantor, Visale can take on this role for a period of 3 years with a maximum rent of 1200€ including charges.    

Useful contacts

ADLJ (Association Départementale pour le Logement des Jeunes)

This agency has an information area accessible to the public that includes information on housing as well as the rights and obligations of tenants, plus a rental file for ages 15 to 30 years old.  

CIJ (Centre Information Jeunesse)

The CIJ youth information center offers a service that connects landlords with people looking for housing (unfurnished or furnished, with a roommate, short term, etc.). The offers can be consulted on site free of charge. 


This is the headquarters of the student housing managed by CROUS, which includes accredited housing in both private and university residences. 

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