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Earn 2 international engineering degrees

EPI-ESIEA Dual Degree in Engineering

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What is the EPI-ESIEA Dual Degree in engineering?

Since 2015, ESIEA and EPI-Polytechnique have joined together in an exceptional partnership bringing together the best of French and Tunisian digital engineering. Their joint program leads to a Dual Degree in Engineering, recognized by the Tunisian and French states, as well as internationally. 

The curriculum in detail

The EPI-ESIEA Dual Engineering Degree consists of the three years of the Engineering Curriculum.

The first year takes place on the EPI-Polytechnique’s campus in Sousse, Tunisia, while the second and third years are held on one of the ESIEA’s campuses (Paris/Ivry-sur-Seine or Laval).

1st year of the Engineering Curriculum (in Tunisia)

From EPI-Polytechnique’s campus in Sousse, Tunisia, students follow exactly the same program as those at ESIEA, with courses taught in French.

This year also includes a series of projects, allowing them to develop skills that can be applied in a company, as well as a minimum one-month internship. 

2nd year of the Engineering Curriculum (in France)

The curriculum continues in France, on one of ESIEA’s campuses in Paris/Ivry-sur-Seine or Laval.

During this second year, future engineers begin to target their field of expertise by choosing one of the five proposed Majors: 

  • Cybersecurity
  • Embedded & Autonomous Systems
  • Virtual Reality & Immersive Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence & Data Science
  • Software Engineering

A new series of projects as well as a four-month technical internship in a company at the end of the year allow students to put their knowledge into practice.

3rd year of the Engineering Curriculum (in France)

Students in the EPI-ESIEA Dual Degree program further their study of a particular aspect of their Major or develop a dual competence, thanks to the choice of a Minor chosen among:

  • System & network administration
  • Robotics
  • Financial computing
  • Information systems
  • Low tech & frugal innovation 
  • Entrepreneurship & intrapreneurship
  • Business Engineer

A six month end-of-study internship in a company, in France or in Tunisia, allows them to apply their knowledge in a concrete setting and to acquire solid professional experience even before obtaining their diploma. It is also possible for future engineers to complete the entire year in work-based learning.

The advantages of the EPI-ESIEA Dual Degree in Engineering

The EPI-ESIEA Dual Degree in Engineering is a unique academic, cultural and professional experience. Reflecting ESIEA’s values of openness to the world, it offers future engineers the opportunity to work in a mixed group of French and Tunisian students.

It prepares them fully for the business world by allowing them to acquire up to 11 months of internship experience or to follow the third year program in work-based learning.

Admission requirements

The program is accessible in the third year of the Engineering Degree at EPI-Polytechnique for students who have completed the school’s Preparatory Curriculum. 

Tuition fees

Starting from the second year of the EPI-ESIEA Dual Engineering Degree, tuition fees are 500€/year, a reduction of 15,000€, made possible by the partnership between EPi-Polytechnique and ESIEA.

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