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Our Values

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Technology and Human values: Though often seen in opposition to one another, both are essential in training successful engineers

In addition to our specialized educational mission as a school, we are committed to developing and cultivating each student’s character and sense of individuality, while enabling them to progress within a society whose future increasingly depends on digital engineering skills.

Our proud history has allowed us to keep pace with an ever-changing world, and we work to ensure that our future engineers are equipped to tackle the coming challenges and write their own futures, in a sustainable and responsible manner.

The humanities at the service of humanity: the foundation of successful digital engineering 

Diversity is one of our driving forces, not only for innovation but also for our common future. At ESIEA we embrace each student’s unique background:

  • Gender inclusivity → Our school is committed to supporting women in engineering, and we are happy to report that we have twice as many female engineering students as the national average
  • Cultural diversity → There are at least 40 different nationalities present on our campuses, and we offer several scholarships to ensure that finances are never a hindrance to education
  • Diversity in profile → Whether a student wishes to go into research or business, our curriculum is adaptable to fit each student’s individual ambitions
  • Facilitating your projects, visions, and aspirations → Our top priority is the development of ideas

Awakening, nourishing and fulfilling curiosity

Curiosity is an engineer’s best tool. Our coursework seeks to foster and leverage each student’s curiosity in order to gain a deeper understanding of the curriculum contents and of the problems facing the wider world.

Whether this curiosity translates into academic or personal projects, or whether it determines the direction of the engineer’s career, ESIEA is committed to building an environment and providing students with the tools to explore their interests.

Students can explore many different fields, from entrepreneurship to public service to research. We therefore ensure that our students can develop their full potential, with all the support, guidance and technical resources they need.

A fertile ecosystem

We recognize that the personalities of our future engineers cannot develop solely within the confines of an academic setting.

Therefore ESIEA encourages student initiatives outside of the classroom, namely through non-academic, extracurricular associations.

Whether they be individual or collective, ESIEA encourages all creative projects and aims to support students in finding practical outlets for their various interests within the field of digital technology.

This open approach places no barriers on the expression of ideas and has enabled us to both strengthen students’ people skills and helped to give birth to several key educational and extracurricular initiatives on our “Paris/Ivry-sur-Seine, Laval” campus.

Mirroring our values through a unique learning model

As our field is constantly evolving, we train our students in digital engineering skills that will be beneficial to society, both today and tomorrow. The school is entirely dedicated to enabling students to meet this goal: 

ESIEA’s unique model is our strength: we are 100% owned and run by our former graduates, on a voluntary basis. Our founder, Maurice Lafargue, made this unusual choice to free the school from any shareholder pressure, allowing ESIEA to devote its full financial efforts to:

  • The quality and relevance of our curriculum and teaching
  • Educational access for as many students as possible, regardless of their socio-economic background
  • Ensuring that every student can express his or her potential both inside and outside the classroom, thanks to the tools and resources provided by the school

In keeping with our values, the school also makes available person-centered resources. ESIEA’s network of 9,000 alumni provides students with access to an innovative and forward-looking teaching team, as well as an additional level of support and networking within the field.

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